Code & Context - My experiences in the new study program

A New World

Many of the most prominent faces on the global technology scene earned their names and fortunes not only through revolutions in physical hardware, but through high-quality software and code.

This may seem commonplace to us, but it has by no means always been so, especially since the computer and software industry is still a relatively young field. In this short time they have managed to turn the whole world upside down and become a driving force of the global economy.

Whether it’s apps, social media, e-commerce, video games, crypto currencies, operating systems … - all of those are code and fully integrated into our everyday lives.

Code & Context - Find your way in the new world!

The new bachelor’s degree course “Code & Context” at the TH Köln is specially designed to prepare ambitious young people for a career in the world of digitalisation and software. Not only do you learn everything about coding and design, but with entrepreneurship you also learn how to handle your ideas and marketing adequately.

You can enrich this skillset with your experiences as an intern or like me - as a working student at Railslove.

Getting contacts to other coders and designers from different branches like Smart City, FinTech and Industry 4.0 will broaden your horizon.

Railslove meets Code & Context Student

As a working student at Railslove I was able to start shortly before the COVID-19 crisis and was welcomed by a friendly and competent team. After only one month I got involved in a bigger project -, a Rails App, which offers local companies the possibility to sell vouchers during the COVID-19 crisis. To get an app like Veedelsretter up and running a very open mindset was needed with a special focus on communication among the whole team.

Developing software is easy. Developing software that is brought to market rapidly, where several departments such as Development, Design & Sales are involved, while still being maintainable and scalable, is a challenge that requires a positive attitude and motivation.

This is where I see the greatest learnings at Railslove that I bring to my studies: clean software development in a team with code reviews, pair programming sessions or professional communication exchange between all departments in a remote work environment.

Railslove and Code & Context give me a holistic perspective in this exciting and creative field.

In detail a course at Code & Context looks like this:

Clean Code - creating order and preventing problems

Clean Code, the name says it all: coding with a clear, clean structure that prevents many problems before they can even occur.

These are not just the boring best practices that were decided on at a congress so that they have to be learned - but to provide a system that makes collaboration and revision/review of code as easy as possible.

Those who have already written code themselves know the moment that comes after a few days of distance from it:

“What have I written there?”

Maybe not a disaster at first, but when you work together with other people in real projects, you can easily imagine how confusing this is for someone who hasn’t written it themselves!

The goal of this course is to show you how to structure your code in a simple and efficient way, so that your team members can keep track of it and as a result you will create better programs and apps together.

To top it off: A great course of study for curious minds.

Certainly, with the technical progress in the coming years, more specialized courses will be offered.

With Code & Context I definitely have a good preparation to realize my ideas digitally.

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